About CSC Generation

We are a decentralized, multi-brand technology platform saving companies from Amazon. We acquire, create, foster, and prepare retail/e-commerce companies to stand on their own. Our proprietary tech and centralized teams turbocharge stalled companies.

We recognize a company becomes the people it hires and focus on building teams of competent, intelligent, data driven employees.

By the time our founder, Justin Yoshimura, turned 25, he was a veteran in the startup world; guiding three companies from start to acquisition, and many more through the startup process as an advisor, mentor and board member. Nevertheless, he had yet to achieve his original dream of building the next Berkshire Hathaway, so he founded CSC Generation.

CSC Generation is backed by leading investors including: China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group (CSC), Khosla Ventures, Panasonic, Crosslink Capital, Maveron, Quest Venture Partners, eCommerce Growth Fund, and various family offices.

We're insanely data-driven and analytical. Our team members are the type of people that would analyze a restaurant’s revenues, contribution margins, rent, and EBITDA while waiting for their food.

We have zero tolerance for jerks or politics. Employees who negatively impact our culture are let go, even if it doesn’t make financial sense to do so. We're capital-efficient and scrappy. We believe whether or not you paid for your own college is more important than where you went to school. We're contrarian. We get a rush from unlocking value in overlooked assets. We value work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and dedication. We build things people want.

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